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How much does it cost?

For some reason cheer squads don't like to tell you how much membership costs until you meet them!


We don't want any amazing dancers to be put of by money - so if you think you would be a good fit, but recieve Working Tax Credits, or other benefits, get in touch and let us know and if we can help we will. Artemis is legally a not-for-profit soon to be a charity. We can't always offer bursaries, but if we can we will. 

We are Ofsted registered and accept Childcare Vouchers, Childcare Tax allowance, Direct Debit or credit/debit cards. All payments for basic term fees can be split across either 3 months/one term, or the whole year (11 payments for all three terms fees) if starting in September. 

Basic fees:


All for 12 week terms, with 12 weekly classes and three gym/Acro sessions (15 sessions total). Additional rehearsals may be called before competitions if needed. There is no additional charge. 

Elite (Senior L2) , 2 hours per week, £180 per term.  Sibling discount (2 or more family members on the same team) £30 off per person. 

Xtreme (juniors), 1.5 hours per week, £150 per term. Sibling discount (2 or more family members in the same class) £25 off per person.

Apex (Senior L1), 1.0 hours per week (plus Gym time), £112.50 per term. Sibling discount (2 or more family members in the same class) £25 off per person.

Rogues Jazz (Senior 14+) - £60 per term (held at Artemis College, South Hill Park).

Phoenix Hip Hop (Senior 10-adult by audition) 1.5hours per week £112.50 per term.

If you are invited to join a stunt team for the juniors, there is an additional fee of £18 per term, for 6 private classes (class every other week with the head coach for 30 mins.)

Trainee/probationer (training but not competing this season) - both teams: £90 per person

ALL Artemis Classes are subsidised, and as we gain funding for individual teams and classes - those discounts are applied. It is our aim to be free or almost free by 2022! Artemis is a charity. 

Competition Fees:

We attend multiple competitions - at least 3 a year. Each entry is usually between £20pp and £50pp depending on the event.


Within each event you might be in more than one category - for example you may be in the team event first, and then have an entry as a stunt group as well. Most events offer small discounts for multiple submissions, but expect to pay at least another £20 for each additional entry. 


Tickets for parents/family to watch are approx £10-18 depending on the event. 

Some competitions will need an overnight stay - Bournemouth for example has a start time of 7am. You will need to get yourself to and from the event. Parents often arrange lift shares. Many of Elite drive and give each other petrol money. 

At the Internationals in July - we group together and buy every photo and video of every team we enter. This means 100's of pics for £10 per athlete.

Uniform and Training Kit.

Uniform for competitions is only needed for full team members. The uniform is made for each athlete and not available in shops. There is a minimum six weeks lead time to order, and a minimum quantity needed - so we usually order in batches to keep costs down. The new uniform for 2019 is £131.50 per person. You can split payments if time allows.


Where possible we re-sell uniform that an athlete has grown out of. We will put parents selling in touch with those buying, but will not take or handle the payment. 

Cheer shoes - we require white cheer shoes for training and events. You can buy these online and your coach can suggest sites and brands. Shoes cost from £15 a pair


Our bows are handmade for the team and retail on our school shop for £18.50.

Practice uniform

A selection of team branded items is available to order. This includes leggings, hoodies, tee shirts, shoe bags and more. Please ask for a link.


From Sept 2019, all team will be required to wear a team tee shirt to practice (£20) , with an optional team hoodie (£38) or varsity jacket (£38).