Competitive Cheerleading in Bracknell. 
Junior Level 1 (ages *7-14)
Senior Level 1 (ages *12-adult)
Senior Level 2 (ages *12-adult)
Junior Stunt Teams - levels 1-2
Senior Stunt Teams - levels 1-4
Senior Jazz (ages 14+)
Senior Hip Hop (ages 10-17)
Highly qualifed instructors
FREE holiday workshops! 

Join one of our existing squads - or our new one! Tryouts are FREE, and you get two free weeks to test your skills with our coaches, and find out where you fit in!


JAZZ 🏆🥇👯‍♀️:

Artemis Rogues - SENIOR JAZZ age 14+ 
WEDS 11th 4.45-5.45 South Hill Park. 
£60 a term after free tryout. Part of Artemis College. 


HIP HOP 🏆🥇👟:

Artemis Phoenix - Hip Hop age 10-15 (intermediate-advanced level) 
THURS 12th 6.15-7.45pm Birch Hill Community Centre.
Regional and National champs 2018
£112.50 a term after free tryout.



**Artemis Elite** - SENIOR CHEER L2, plus SENIOR STUNT L2, 3 & 4 (REGIONAL AND NATIONAL L2 and 4 Co-ed stunt CHAMPIONS 2019)
WEDS 11th - 7.30-9.30 Carnation Hall (plus gym days).
£180 a term after free tryout

**Artemis Apex** SENIOR CHEER L1 (beginner), plus SENIOR STUNT L1 & 2) - NEW TEAM!!
THURS 5.30-6.30 - Birch Hill Community Centre (plus gym days)
£112.50 a term after free tryout.

**Artemis Xtreme** JUNIOR CHEER L1 (age 7-14) plus JUNIOR STUNT L1.
FRI 13th 4.30-6.30pm Birch Hill Community Centre. (plus gym days)
£90/£150 a term after free tryout (probationer/full team)

TRYOUT IS FREE! Come, try, talk to us and hopefully join us for a fab new season of trophies and training!

FC - Summer Internationals

Jags - L2 Co-Ed Stunt: 1st National Champions

Bees - L4 Co-Ed Stunt: 1st National Champions

Rogues Lyrical: 3rd place

Wildcats - L2 Stunt - 4th place

Phoenix Hip Hop - 5th place

Elite Senior 2 Cheer - 5th place

Xtreme Junior 1 Cheer - 9th place

Panthers L2 Stunt - 9th place


BCA - Summer Showdown Regionals

Jags - L2 Co-Ed Stunt: 1st Regional Champions

Bees - L4 Co-Ed Stunt: 1st Regional Champions

Rogues Lyrical: 1st place

Phoenix Hip Hop - 2nd place

Elite Senior 2 Cheer - 3rd place

Tigers - L1 Stunt Junior - 5th place

Xtreme Junior 1 Cheer - 6th place

Wildcats - L2 Stunt - 7th place

Panthers L2 Stunt - 8th place

Artemis Studios - Bracknell Cheer - has been offering cheerleaders in Bracknell high quality training since 2010. We started small with a Senior Level One in our own studios, and expanded to a Youth Level One, then Junior Level One, Senior Level Two and now 8 Stunt teams (Junior Level One - Senior Level Three) too!


We have 10 awesome coaches as well as guest tutors for skills clinics, and as a non-profit every summer and most half terms we offer FREE workshops in cheer and gym to young athletes giving them a taste of what we do! 

The teams and stunt groups train once a week in Bracknell (Birch Hill for Juniors and Carnation Hall for Seniors, and once a month (minimum) at a fully equipped Gym. 

Cheer offers dance and gymnastics blended to form a sport which leads to strengthendurance, team spirit and friendships

Entry onto our competition teams is by audition (and subject to spaces). Fun cheer and the holiday workshops are open to all (although if you are already on a team please check with your coach first). 

To find out more, try out, or sign up for a free session email us or check out our facebook page! 

Artemis is also a theatre school, National Champions Hip Hop Companies and free full time college

Competing and Performing with:

Sadie Husband - L4 Cheer

"I love Artemis Elite because we’re all a very close, friendly team and are always trying new, harder stunts"

Sadie, L4 Cheerleader 

Lily Taylor, L1 Junior Cheerleader

“ I have enjoyed my time in Artemis since I was five, and I have so much love for Coach Gemah! She has made me feel so welcome and she has pushed me to be me, and not worry about any one else’s opinions. I love being cheer captain and I will work hard! Being on the team pushes me in the best way, and has made me feel so happy and I have enjoyed every moment of it!

Lilly, L1 Cheerleader (& Xtreme Captain).

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