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Our Coaches

All our coaches are qualified, insured and checked. Our senior coaches have a degree in dance or similar discipline as well as teaching experience. Our wonderful junior coaches are cheerleaders who are building on their skills and working towards coaching their own teams. We even have girls who now run their own squads - they were so confident in their training at Artemis! 

Questions to ask your senior coach: Where did you train? What level did you compete at? What have you won? How long were you training at your highest level? Have you been to or qualified for Worlds?

Gemah Sanger

Head Coach and Program Director

Gemah (BGU) has 27 years of cheer experience behind her. Her mum co-founded the legendary Bees squad in Bracknell in the 1990's and she travelled the world with them! She has taken part in the Worlds on multiple occasions, won nationally and internationally. 

She has been coaching for almost a decade, and is about to become a judge, and soon to be a trainer of other coaches. 

Gemah is passionate about Cheer and dance, and is a choreographer and movement director for Artemis Studios bringing home 100's of trophies and awards with her teams.


In her other professional life - she works on feature film sets (such as Dr Strange). 

Charlotte Allen

Coach L1 & L2

Charlotte (BGU) is Gemah's right hand girl. She is a strong and capable coach. 

Charlotte has been dancing with Elite for a number of years, and has even come to Disneyworld to perform. 

As well as Elite, she is on the Jags (stunt L2) and Bees (stunt L3 & 4) groups. She takes an active part in their choreography, and this year, for the first time they hope to compete at level 4! 

Charlotte is off to uni in October 2019, but will still co-coach the teams, and as we build the programme gain her own squads to run (under the watchful eye of Gemah!) 


Acro Coach - specialist

Sophie, (BA qualified), started dancing at the age of four, taking classes in classical ballet, Irish dancing and modern dance.


Sophie was offered a full time place to study at Royal Academy of Dance and graduated with a degree in Ballet Education. 

Since then, her career has focused on teaching ballet across the private sector for NVSDD and Envy Performing Arts both preparing students for ballet examinations and choreographing works for showcases, performances and school productions.  


Sophie undertook the Acrobatic Arts Teacher Training and Certification programme (meaning she is highly trained and qualified to teach Acro), as she has always loved the artistic possibilities AcroDance can bring to dancers and wanted to provide the skills, knowledge and opportunities to her students.   

Luke Robinson

Assitant Coach - Elite

Luke is a trained teacher, and has a BA degree in Musical Theatre. 

He teaches Btec at Artemis College, and used to teach at Garth Hill. 

Luke is currently in rehearsals for a professional dance show in Spain. 

Nick Pack

Assistant Coach - Elite

Nick is a graduate (BA) from Italia Conti in London. He is a professional actor and musical theatre performer. 

He choreographs for London shows, and is currently on a UK tour until after Easter. Nick has developed a taste for cheer since becoming a dance coach for Elite, and is excited to train!

Brad Clapson

Musicality & Showmanship coach - Elite

Brad is a local legend (trained at BRIT School) - known for his epic work on Panto at South Hill Park. He also co owns Omni Theatre, and is an stablished musical and movement director. He is an amazing dancer (tap a speciality). He brings energy and polish to the teams - bringing out the showman ship before events!

Paige Kenny

Junior Coach - Xtreme

Paige is a full time performing arts musical theatre student at Artemis College.


She is highly trained and qualified in many disciplines, including Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz.


She has recently joined as a dance coach for Xtreme and will be taking her BGU shortly as part of her college course. 

Elle Brooks

Junior Coach Xtreme - workshops

Elle has been a cheerleader for more than a decade, and now her little sister (one of two - the other one is on our champion hip hop team!) is following in her footsteps! 

Elle will start training as a Police woman soon, but until then is an amazing part of her team and very patient coach!

She is on both Elite and Panthers, and won first place in division in WinterWonderland in 2018. 

Liliana Silva

Junior Coach Xtreme - workshops

Liliana is originally from Portugal, but moved to the UK when she was six. She joined Artemis as a ballet dancer to start, but has been cheerleading and doing gym for five years.


She is trained gymnast, and is very calm and helpful with juniors who are worried. She is on both Elite and Panthers, and won first place in division in WinterWonderland in 2018. 


Junior Coach - Xtreme

Keira is a member of Elite and Panthers. She has been cheering with Artemis for years, and has recently gained a place at the prestigious GSA acting school to study a degree in musical theatre! In winter 2018 her all girl stunt group Panthers gained first place in their division! 

Courtney Flemming

Assistant Coach - Gym & Xtreme workshops

Courtney (BA qualified) defies gravity! He was a university level cheer leader before joining Artemis. In the 2019 season, as part of Elite, Bees and Jags, he will compete at levels 2-4. In winter 2018, his co-ed stunt teams pulled first place under the direction of Gemah.

Niki Robinson

founder Artemis Studios & College

Niki (BA, PGCert, MA) founded Artemis Studios in 2007, and Artemis College in 2018. She is a qualified coach - but injury prevent her doing physical coaching any more. These days she supports the teams by hand making custom Swarovski encrusted bows each season! It is her goal to open a gym for the teams and expand the program across all levels.